About the Blog

Well, I guess the place to start is at blogging.

I love blogs.  I spend at least an hour a day catching up on my favorite blogs.  And I’ve always aspired to be a good blogger.

I’ve tried to maintain a few blogs before and it’s never really worked out – except for my reading blog.  I think it’s been mostly because blogging has been = to dieting for me.  I go on a diet and start a fresh, new blog to document my progress.  When my progress stalls…well, so does my blog.

That’s why I wanted to separate the two.  This blog is about more than what I eat.  It’s about what I do, what I feel and where I am.  It’s also about loving myself in an non-judgmental, non-conditional kind of way.

It’s called Banana’s Life because when I was a preemie in 1978, I had jaundice and was a yellow-colored baby.  My mom and her sisters called me Banana.  For them, the name stuck and so the women in my life who I have loved and revered the most call me Banana.  And this blog is about my life.

It’s about living in a 260 pound body.  It’s about losing weight.  But mostly, it’s about living, fully and completely the life that I am intended to live.


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