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Walk it out

Weight: 261.6


I am dragging today.  On the plus side, I got in my first hour-long walk with Holly J yesterday.  But let me back up to lunch…

I had leftovers.

Just as yummy as Saturday, but not entirely satisfying.

I also had applesauce.

Very lunch-friendly.  But I was still hungry.  I ate some unpictured almonds and cheeze-its later in the day.  Then, I went home with purpose and vigor!

I set about making dinner.  I went for simple and easy since I would need to cook fast, change clothes and get out of the door for my walk as soon as possible. 

Just add hamburger, yo.

Darnell has made this a time or two and it’s always been good.  So, I thought I’d give it a hand.  I browned up some lean ground beef, drained it, followed the directions on the box and 25 minutes later dinner was ready.

But first.  I laced up my sneaks…

Cute vs. functional.  If this turns out to be more than a passing fancy, then I will go with functional and buy something more sturdy.  We walked for an hour in a beautiful park and I really should have brought my camera along.  Maybe another day.  We saw Canadian geese and a deer.  There was a beautiful golf course and plenty of paved trails.  I didn’t get bored at all.  Holly and I gabbed the whole time.  Walking with another person is so much more fun than walking alone.  And walking outdoors is much more fun than walking on a treadmill.  I don’t think I could have lasted an hour on any treadmill regardless of the pace.

I’m not a very athletic person by nature and the sheer boredom of walking in place for an extended period of time is like torture to me.  But this kind of walking is nice.  Right now, we’re shooting for going for this kind of walk every single day, which is ambitious, but doable with some persistence.  We shall see.

So, I made it back home feeling very accomplished, if a bit wrung out.  And dinner was already waiting.

It didn’t taste as good as it does when my hubby makes it. Why is it that other people’s food sometimes tastes so much better than my own?  Not that I’m a bad cook, I am actually pretty good.  But it just seems like when someone else has something, it is psychologically more appealing than what we have.  Anyway, I couldn’t finish it.  I settled on some Ritz cracker and a slice of cheese to round out the empties.  I watched a couple of episodes of the office, read like two pages of my book and then I crashed like a freight train by 9:30pm!

I got plenty of sleep. But my body is still dragging.

I am trying the elixir of millions.

It’s a panacea, yo.

I’ll be back.


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